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Ch-Lodge-1Little has been known about pet bereavement until recently and therefore it is not surprising that so many people find the pain and confusion of their loss so disturbing. This is often made worse by the total lack of understanding from those who believe the loss means nothing and the fact that we live in a society where thinking or speaking about death is passionately avoided.

The grief felt by the loss of a pet is unique. The bonding between owner and pet often involves a more private and personal side of our nature than we would entrust to a human. Their dependency upon us leads to our relying heavily on their need. When eventually they die, as they must, the shock and grief becomes a very personal affair that we may be unable to share with others.

The ritual of cremation or burial can be an important part of the healing process and acceptance of your loss. It is therefore important that you are sure your wishes are carried out correctly and with dignity and in this the members of our Association are able to help.

The APPCC has worked with Jane Matthews, author of Losing a Pet, to produce a bereavement leaflet to bereavement leaflethelp owners affected by the loss of their pet. We have also had support from several experienced pet bereavement counsellors and the nationwide Pet Bereavement Support Service run by SCAS. Copies are available through APPCC members, pet bereavement counsellors and veterinary surgeries throughout the UK. Alternatively you can download the leaflet HERE

Pet Bereavement Support Service

The Pet Bereavement Support Service provides emotional support and practical information for pet owners and others who have experienced the loss of a pet through through its confidential telephone and email support line. The support line service is available throughout the UK on 0800 096 6606 or email: .

The service is run by The Blue Cross. The service is a member of the Helplines Association and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Online Tributes

Some websites, including those of many of our members, enable you to leave an online tribute to your much loved pet. One such site that provides this service free of charge is Lost and Fond .

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