Independent Inspection Scheme for The APPCC

The principle of the scheme is to bring in inspectors that are not connected to either the pet bereavement sector or the veterinary world in order to examine every aspect of a business to ensure the complete compliance with both the Association Code of Practice and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.
The inspections are being carried out by “The Consultant Connection” who are experienced in the setting up of this type of inspection and the examination of Consumer Codes.

The Association Code of Practice was extended to produce a new Consumer Code which covers all the aspects of pet crematorium and pet cemetery businesses. Indeed, the Code represents a blueprint for running a proper business in the pet bereavement sector.

A detailed examination checklist was then drawn up to test every part of the business.

Firstly all the literature, websites and written procedures are examined to ensure they are complete and describe everything the business says it does. As part of this the legal requirements of the business are also checked to ensure they have the correct approvals and licenses as well as insurances and registrations such as the data protection agency.

The second stage is the site visit where all the points are gone through in detail with the business owner and the procedures checked on site. The overall impression of the establishment is also assessed as well as the respectful handling procedures for the pets and the technical procedures for cremation.

At the end of this a report is produced and the business addresses any problems and concerns. Once this has been done the business is ready for approval.

A great deal of effort and attention to detail goes into the inspections and the businesses deserve their new “Independently Inspected and Approved” Logos.




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