06 May May 06, 2016

What about Quality Control?


Again, purely voluntary. Unless the whole cremation process is properly documented and carried out with careful procedures then mistakes will be inevitable. We have produced an operations module for our training course which is available to all members of our Association. It provides the proper procedures for carrying out cremations for pets. The spirit of the system can be summed up in four golden rules for individual cremation : Always imagine the owner of the pet is standing behind you and watching your every action. That way you will always carry out the service with care and dignity. Always make sure the identification label stays with the pet, is attached to the machine when cremating and stays with the ashes. Never separate the label from the pet. Always make sure the cremation chamber and ashes processors are cleaned thoroughly to collect all the remains before the next cremation or ashes preparation begins. There must be no mixing of remains. Always work as if it is your first cremation and pay the same attention as you did then. There are no second chances Рit has to be right first time.

logo-ind-insp-option-4-web-150The new Association independent inspection system has been designed to check for quality as well as procedural accuracy and clarity of advertising and promotional material. In that respect it goes beyond industry standard systems such as ISO9001 which only focuses on procedures regardless of the quality of the outcome. It is the only inspection system of its kind and you can be sure that a member displaying the logo has been rigorously inspected.

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