04 May May 04, 2016

Why are some members independently inspected and others are not?


The Association sets a strict Code of Practice for membership that clearly defines the services you may receive and sets a requirement for our members to make sure you understand everything before deciding on a service. You are also given the time to come to a rational decision. This Code is taken on trust but is legally binding under the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations. You should still go through the details with members to ensure all is as you wish.

logo-ind-insp-option-4--web-250However it is clear that this is not enough so we now have a scheme for independent inspection and verification. It is currently voluntary although we will be introducing it as a condition of membership for all new members. Gradually we will bring all members into this scheme.It is based on an expansion of our Code of Practice into a new Consumer Code. This closely examines all aspects of the business to ensure the highest standards of customer care, clarity and quality of service, respectful handling of pets and technical procedures.

Once this verification takes place it makes choosing a burial or cremation service a straightforward procedure, allowing you to focus on how you want to celebrate the life of your pet.

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