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The Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria (APPCC) was established in 1993 and has grown dignity1into a well respected organisation whose membership includes some of the top specialist pet cemeteries and crematoria in the country.

Becoming a member of the APPCC will help you in the following ways:

1. A detailed inspection that will ensure you adhere to the APPCC consumer Code. This is not only an inspection for the Association but should be looked on as positve feedback that you can take and improve on the running of your business. It ensures you adhere to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations and enables you to display the “independently inspected and approved” logo that sets you apart from others.

2. Industry Specific Training Modules – in depth training modules developed with the help of human crematoria.logo-ind-insp-option-4--web-250

3. Access to the Members Website containing all the information needed to set up and run your own business, links to vital information and downloadable information sheets.

4. Promotion – we aim to promote your service to the general public and veterinary profession through

  • Your details and links on our website
  • regular press releases and media coverage
  • advertorials in pet magazines

5. Pet Bereavement leaflet – use of our bereavement leaflet developed with a leading author.

6. APPCC Logo and Code of Practice – Signing up will demonstrate to pet owners and the veterinary
profession the high standards of service you intend to deliver. By promoting the Association and all it stands for in the Code of Practice you have access to a valuable marketing tool with which to enhance your reputation and give pet owners added confidence in your services.

7. Keep ahead of change – You will be kept informed of any legislative changes and developments within the industry.

8. Support from industry experts – Being a member allows you to gain access to the knowledge and experience of other members. We have twice yearly meetings held around the country near to members’ sites.

9. Access to advice

  • direct from the technical officers in the legislative agencies that regulate our industryappcc-photo-web
  • through information sheets on our members only website
  • through our nationwide helpline that is personally answered during office hours

You will receive a certificate of Association Membership. This will authorise the use of the APPCC logo on stationary etc. for so long as you maintain membership. Should you decide to not to renew membership, then this privilege will be withdrawn and all stationary etc. should be purged of any association with us within three months of ceasing to be a member.

10. Business Insurance Special Rates  –  You will have access to the special rates offered by our partner service for business and vehicle insurance. Members have found the savings over their previous insurances have more than covered their membership fees.

Full Membership is available to existing facilities that satisfy our Code and Practice and pass a site inspection. Fees are £444, incl of VAT, per annum for existing members.

Existing facilities that wish to join will need to undergo the independent inspection program. This costs £720, incl of VAT, and, even without membership, is a very useful assessment to have for a business. Once passed the remainder of the first year’s membership will be free. Normal membership fees will apply for subsequent years


Provisional Membership

Those looking to start a facility that would eventually be entitled to full membership may be granted provisional membership. The current first year fee stands at £648, incl of VAT, and includes

  • Attendance at Association meetings without voting rights.
  • Access to the Association members website giving information on starting up, training, regulations, the pet bereavement industry and Associate businesses.
  • Advice and assistance from the Association.

After the first year provisional membership may be continued with the current rate set at £444, incl of VAT, per annum.



Cemetery Membership

Cemetery Only Membership is available to those who just operate Pet Cemeteries and are not involved in cremation. Fees are £250.80, incl of VAT, per annum.



Pet Funeral Arranger Membership

PFA logo 250 pixelsThose who do not run pet crematoriums or cemeteries but wish to offer services can apply for Pet Funeral Arranger Membership (PFA).

Arrangements for the services have to be made with a full member of the Association. This can be anything from a simple referral system to a full pet undertaking enterprise. All arrangements must operate under the terms of both the Full Membership and the Pet Funeral Arranger Codes of Practice.

Pet Funeral Arrangers will be expected to visit the premises they are working with and fully understand the work and the standards of care throughout the whole process, from collection to burial or return of ashes. Pet owners must be fully aware of the service offered and be presented with a detailed breakdown of the charges.
The interaction between the member and the pet funeral arranger must ensure that both operate within the Codes and any evidence or doubts about the services must be reported to the Directors for investigation. It is hoped that this constant vigilance will maintain the high standards the Association has set for the pet funeral sector.
Pet Funeral Arrangers are allowed to display the PFA logo which will become a symbol of trust and quality within the pet bereavement sector.

Membership fees are £115.20, incl of VAT, per annum for a single outlet and £30, incl of VAT, per annum for each additional outlet.



International Membership

International Membership is open to those operating pet cemeteries or crematoria outside the UK and Ireland. Currently legislation advice will not apply but members will have access to all operational advice. Fees are £170 per annum.

Existing facilities that wish to join will need to undergo the independent inspection program, which will normally be carried out remotely using photos and videos. This costs £600 and, even without membership, is a very useful assessment to have for a business. Once passed the remainder of the first year’s membership will be free. Normal membership fees will apply for subsequent years

We are looking for people to help organise networks in individual countries.



Supplier Directory

The Association Supplier Directory is open to those businesses who sell to the pet bereavement sector.

The fee is currently set at £31.20, incl of VAT, per annum.

Suppliers will benefit by

  • Being listed on the Association website.
  • Details published in our twice yearly newsletter distributed to members.
  • The opportunity to place an advertisement or article in our newsletters.
  • Invitations to our twice yearly events to present your services and products to our members (extra charges will apply).

We hope that you will support our association and join the directory and see the benefits for yourself. The Association is run by the members, for the members and any assistance is warmly welcomed.


For further information on joining and membership fees please use the contact link above or call our helpline 01252 844478.

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